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Knowing God’s Word, Building His People

Emmanuel Anglican Church exists to help people get to know God better. Our name ‘Emmanuel’ means ‘God with us’. It reminds us that in Jesus, God has come to be with his people. Today anybody can get to know God through reading and responding to what we learn about Jesus in the Bible.

At Emmanuel Anglican Church we seek to help people engage with the Bible through worship and ministry that takes the best of ancient and contemporary wisdom. We combine modern music with words used by the Anglican Church for centuries. Our approach to ministry is designed to be understandable to anybody, relevant to modern life – but rooted in the ancient traditions of the Christian Church.

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Rev’d Dr. Pete Sanlon


The founding minister of Emmanuel Anglican is enthusiastic to help people get to know God better. As Director of Training for the Free Church of England, Pete helps people explore future ministries. He enjoys days out with his wife and children, and is a good loser at competitive board games.

David Gazzard


David and his wife have lived in Tunbridge Wells for many years. Prior to retirement David worked as a ship’s officer and then in ship management ashore. He enjoys creating artwork and time with his grandchildren.

Patrick Crowley


Patrick works as a civil servant in London and is married to Kate. He is keen to support the running and development of the church.

Tristan Treacy


As he trains for ministry in the Free Church of England, Tristan continues to work part time in city finance. In free time he enjoys the countryside and reading.

Kate Crowley

Welcome Team

Kate is passionate about ministry to children and parents. She enjoys spending time with her family and is always keen to welcome people to church.

Holy Scripture containeth all things necessary to salvation.

Article 6, Book of Common Prayer

Free Church of England

The Free Church of England wants to bring the good news of Jesus to people everywhere. We describe ourselves as ‘evangelical, liturgical and episcopal.’ This means that we seek to uphold and share the Biblical Gospel with people, and the ministry we use to do that is rooted in the Anglican way of being Church.

Many today are finding that the ancient Anglican way of being Church has refreshing wisdom, and can be enjoyed in ways that are relevant and contemporary. As a denomination we have a rich history – we seek to uphold the teachings of the Anglican Church as understood from the Reformation that gave us treasures such as the Book of Common Prayer.

Find more details about our beliefs
in the ‘Declaration of Principles.’

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Kent, England

Located in beautiful Royal Tunbridge Wells, Emmanuel Anglican Church serves a community that includes many families with young children, professionals and retirees. Some people travel from nearby villages to worship with us – and some have moved into Tunbridge Wells to get to know one another better.

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Our address:

Number One Community Centre
1 Rowan Tree Road
Tunbridge Wells
Kent, TN2 5PX


Emmanuel Anglican Church