Praying and Planning

There are many books and strategies about how to establish a new Church. One could spend a lifetime studying and pondering options! But in the end the Christian Faith must lead to action. When we gathered a group to pray and reflect on the idea of establishing Emmanuel Church, we realized that we would need to plan, prepare and strategize. But as we prayed we also realized that we could not control every step of the journey, and we would need to venture out trusting God to lead. It struck me as we prayed together that while God would not reveal all the details of the future to us, he did grant a remarkable and tangible sense of unity. A group of people united in prayer and resolved to act together to plant a new church – that is the kind of thing that God uses to build his people.

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Welcome from Bishop Paul Hunt

It is my pleasure as Bishop of the Southern Diocese to welcome the Rev’d Dr Peter Sanlon as our newest full time rector. Having announced that he intends to resign from his post in the Church of England, Peter will soon be giving himself full time to developing Emmanuel Anglican Church – the FCE church […]

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Full time Rector Appointed

The Trustees of Emmanuel Anglican Church, Tunbridge Wells, are pleased to announce that the Rev. Dr. Peter Sanlon has been appointed as our full-time Rector from 23rd April 2019. Emmanuel Anglican Church (“EAC”) was planted in late 2017. Our church plant is a revival of the original ‘Emmanuel Church’ which was established in Tunbridge Wells […]

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