Singing Psalms

As our launch team has met one thing we have done is discussed plans to sing Psalms as a regular part of worship at Emmanuel Anglican. This is in line with the Book of Common Prayer – and the Bible’s instruction in Col. 3. 16.

At first many of us assumed Psalm singing would be a difficult or repetitive experience. However research into how Psalms have been sung in other Churches revealed that there are endless ways to appreciate Psalm singing in Church- via a solo or congregational singing. The Psalms (or part of the Psalm) can be set to a well known hymn tune or contemporary music.

We have reflected on some of the theology of singing Psalms. They are the only hymns that are part of the Bible and as such are inspired by God. They are emotional, God focused and unfold a rich portrait of Jesus and his Church. At Emmanuel we are committed to opening our hearts as a congregation to what God might do in us as we sing the Psalms he gave his people.

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